Boston Red Sox Offseason Plans

How the Red Sox Can Recoup their Losses in Time for 2017 

History of the Famous Boston Red Sox
The Boston Red Sox, world-famous major-league baseball team and icon within the realm of both International and American baseball, is a team that is famous for many things. They compete within MLB(Major League Baseball) as members of the American League East Division.

They have played in twenty World Championship matches over the course of their history, and won eight of them. They are one of America’s Eight Charter franchises, and among their most significant teams. They were the first team to win three World Series trophies in the 21st century.

Among all their famous accomplishments, merit, and talent they have acquired over their long history, they are also infamous for two particular quirks. Their intense and enduring rivalry with the New York Yankees, and suffering one of the longest championship ‘droughts’ in the history of the sport.

For those unfamiliar with baseball terminology, a ‘drought’ is, as the name might imply, a long period of time in which a team has not achieved their stated goal. In baseball this is usually winning either a postseason game, or the World Series. Thus, within baseball, their are postseason droughts, and there are World Series droughts.

For example, the Red Sox themselves endured one of the longest World Championship droughts in baseball history, as previously mentoioned. After winning the World Championships in 1918, they would not win the World Championships for 86 years – until 2004.

However, the Red Sox didn’t sit idly by in the meantime. They were always busy bringing their best talent to the field, as their history during that period of drought was littered with some of the most memorable moments within the history of the World Series. Some of these legendary moments include Enos Slaughter’s 1946 “mad dash”, The Red Sox’s “impossible dream” of 1967 (in which they had their first wining season since 1958 and made it to the World Series for the first time since 1946, but did not win), and Bill Buckner’s famous 1986 error that cost the team the World Series to the New York Mets.

Since the end of their World Series drought in 2004, they would ironically win the world series a second time a mere 3 years later – seemingly easy shot at victory after the 86 year struggle to regain their former glory as World Series champions.

Fall From Grace
Things seemed to go smoothly for the Red Sox from their 2004 World Series, until 2016, when their season was encumbered by an unfortunate and sound loss to the Cleveland Indians and the subsequent loss of their claim to the World Series.

How they Can Step Up their Game

It seems that the Red Sox will need to make some adjustments to their team and acquire some fresh talent if they want to improve their odds at getting another chance at the World Series. I personally think they could benefit from a redoubled approach to their offense. Replacing designated hitter David Ortiz, who recently retired, is an obvious choice, of course. You can’t exactly have an offense if your designated hitter has just retired.

I also recognize the need to fill the gap currently in their rotation with talented players to have a both complete team and rejuvenated fighting spirit, as well as the ability to back up their reputation with the skill and experience a World-class championship team should always present to the stadium.

Since there are several players that will announce free agency at the end of the 2016 season, I see this as a prime opportunity for the Red Sox to recruit players with the talent, team goals, and personality that has been integral to the 115 year history of the legendary team, if they want another shot at winning the World Series in 2017.

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