Application for Special Permit (  ) or Variance (  ) or Finding (   ) or Notice to Amend SPGA Decision (  )


                                                Town Use Only (Official Date Stamp below)


Received by ZBA:                                                     Received by Town Clerk:                                           












1.      Application is hereby made to (  ) Zoning Board of Appeals (  ) Planning Board (  ) Board of Selectmen.

(Applications for permits for common driveways and cluster zoning should be made to the Planning Board; applications for wireless communication facilities should be made to the Board of Selectmen; all other applications should be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals).

2.  Name of Applicant: _____________________________________ Telephone: ___________________

     Address: __________________________________________________________________________

     (If applicant is a corporation or partnership - a copy of condition or similar document attached)?

     Y/N ____________       

3.      Applicant is: (  ) Owner (  ) Contract Purchaser (  ) Lessee (  ) Tenant in Possession (  ) Other

4.      Owner of property (if different from Applicant): _________________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

5.      Location of property:___________________________________________________ Zone ________

6.      Zoning (Assessors) Map #  ______________  Parcel #__________________

      Registry of Deeds Book and Page No.  ____________________________________________

     (Required for filing Board’s decision)

7.      Description of proposed work, use or reasons for amending the SPGA decision: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

8.      Land Area (acres or square footage): _________________     Town Road Lot Frontage:___________

Any portion in the floodplain? ____________________________

9.      Application is made under Section(s) _____________________ of the Zoning by-law.

10.  Site Plans (3) attached __________ Abutters list attached ____________

11.  Fee(s) enclosed __________.

12.  I hereby certify that the information above and on the Site Plan is correct to the best of my knowledge and permission is granted for a site inspection.


Applicant’s SIGNATURE: __________________________________ DATE: ___________.


Instructions: The application is not deemed complete until all required submissions, including Site Plans, certified abutter’s list, and fee(s) have been gathered then submitted to the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk will date/time stamp the application and forward the application to the appropriate Board.

The Site Plan is to be drawn as nearly to scale as possible (the state suggests 1”=40’. The Site Plan should include among other things: lot dimensions, public way frontage, current and proposed applicable setbacks, existing and proposed buildings, structures, signs, lighting plans, driveway openings, driveways, service areas, other open uses, sewerage facilities, sewerage lines, refuse and other waste disposal, surface water drainage, and landscape features such as fences, walls, planted areas, and walks. Applicant to provide three- (3) copies.


The abutters list, including all abutters and all abutters to abutters, any of whose land lies within 300 feet of the property seeking the Special Permit, Variance, Finding or Notice to amend SPGA decision. This information can be obtained with the assistance of the Board of Assessors and the Board of Assessors must certify the list.


Fee(s) used to cover certified mail charges to applicant and abutters, newspaper advertisements, and other Board expenses.  


# Of abutters*: __________  + 1 (Applicant) x $4.64 (or current Certified Mail charge) = _________ Make check payable to U.S. Postal Service.


Applicant (1) x $4.64 (or current Certified Mail charge) = ________________ Make check payable to U. S. Postal Service.


# Of abutters*: __________  +1 (Applicant) x  $0.75 = ___________ Plus $50 =________________ Make check payable to Town of Huntington.


Applicant should consult issuing Board to see if additional information is required.

* Abutters living outside the United States cannot be sent certified mail and need not be counted when calculating the fees necessary to complete the application. In addition, any abutter listed more than one time on the Assessors certified list of abutters will be sent only one certified letter and need only be counted once when calculating the fees necessary to complete the application.